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Design of key components of extra-large horizontal down-adjustable three-roll plate rolling machine
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With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, the increasing development of aerospace, military weapons, automobiles, rolling stock, shipbuilding, chemical industry, pressure vessels, metallurgy, engineering machinery, metal components and other industries demand for rolling machine is increasing day by day, the rolling plate precision requirements are getting higher and higher, rolling machine is becoming large-scale and intelligent development. Large plate rolling machine because of its large force, unsafe factors, prone to safety accidents, in order to improve its reliability and reduce equipment accidents, usually according to the design experience of the safety factor is very high, so that the equipment has heavy and waste and other problems, resulting in a lot of local structural design equipment, some parts of the processing difficulty increases, increased processing and manufacturing costs and transportation costs Waste of resources. In order to verify the reliability and optimize the design of the large plate rolling machine, and achieve high cost performance, simulation analysis software is used to carry out finite element analysis of the key parts of the plate rolling machine, and modular design is adopted, which can optimize the product structure, shorten the research and development cycle, improve the reliability and performance of the equipment, and reduce the equipment cost. The successful development of the extra-large horizontal down-adjustable three-roll plate rolling machine has ended the history of China's extra-large plate rolling machine relying on imports, provided key equipment for China's heavy equipment manufacturing, enhanced China's influence in the world, enhanced the competitive advantage and influence of enterprises in the same industry, and increased economic benefits for enterprises. The success of the research and development of this product has high economic benefits and social effects Yes. In this paper, the forming mechanism, parameter determination method and extra-thick plate forming process of the extra-large plate rolling machine are studied, the characteristics of various types of plate rolling machine, work roll movement mode, main transmission form are classified and compared, and the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of plate bending machine and application range are given, which provides a reliable basis for the selection of plate rolling machine designers and users.

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