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No residual straight edge winding process in the cylinder of symmetrical plate winding machine
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The invention discloses a symmetrical three-roll plate winding machine cylinder without remaining straight edge winding process, which comprises placing a steel plate between the upper roll and the lower roll, rolling the steel plate into an arc plate with the same curvature, pressing the upper roll down a certain distance after one stroke, and driving the lower roll to further bend and roll the steel plate into a C-shape; When cutting the steel plate, remove the remaining straight edge and cut the material according to the middle diameter of the cylinder; When winding, the radius of curvature of the winding should be added with an additional quantity 200-500mm; After rolling into a C font, the two ends form the remaining straight edge, and then roll to the two remaining straight edge close, align the close edge for welding, forming a flat plate, and then placed on the plate winding machine to eliminate the remaining straight edge. The invention can make the cylinder body rolled by the symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine without remaining straight edge, save steel plate, and the application is convenient.

Published:Jul.15.2023  Viewed:1119

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